How we invented Rebels

Hello! We’re Olena and Katya, the founders of Rebels.

Olena is a scientific journalist, a keto nutrition specialist, and the founder of—the largest Russian-speaking community dedicated to ketogenic dieting, LCHF nutrition, as well as biohacking.

Katya is a food production technologist with over 17 years of experience in sports and functional nutrition.

And we both have had enough of bullshit.

The Big Food—major confectionary producers—do everything to sell us sugar at the price of chocolate. Eye-catching packaging, ads that try to persuade us that sugar makes us what we are and brings joy. They slap on the ‘sugar-free’ label in capital letters, but we still see fructose (which is toxic for the liver), maltitol (which is very similar to sugar powder), sugarcane concentrate, and coconut nectar among the ingredients.

What we have as a result is obesity and type 2 diabetes pandemics. WHO forecasts that 70 million children aged 0–5 will suffer from obesity by 2020 if the current trend persists!

We met each other some time ago at a healthy lifestyle event, talked a little, and decided that we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. If no one wants to challenge the sugar industry and create truly sugar-free and bullshit-free products, so we decided that’s what we should do.

We know how to read scientific reports, we know our way around ingredients and production technology, so we can make tasty and truly wholesome chocolate.

It took us over 30 iterations to nail the ideal combination of slight bitterness of chocolate, natural sweetness, and a bit of magic. Our every chocolate bar is a dessert that will make you feel a little better.